Festival ImPulsTanz

23 Jul - 24 Jul 2022

BMC® – Exploring the moving and sensing body

This workshop proposes to explore the moving body through embodiment of the muscular system, which establishes a tensile three-dimensional grid for the balanced support and movement of the skeletal structure. Muscles provide a dynamic outer envelope of flesh encompassing the skeletal structure. The bones are moved through space thanks the elasticity of the muscles and their closed collaboration with the fascias.

How does the muscular system support vitality, expression of power and engagement into movement and life? How can it also free retained energies and patterns of freeze?


The muscle and nervous systems are working very closed to each other. In this dialog, they support the proprioceptive experience of our position in relation to gravity and space, and with it relate to the question of the relationship with the environment and others. How do we deal with unknown and planed situation, to improve fluidity in our ability to adapt with ease and to cultivate inner resources and trust in our relationships?

And finally, we will explore some techniques of muscle reeducation and training.

With movement explorations, anatomic informations and free movement will artistic questions be investigated and developped. In which way is our muscular system able to support self-regulation and comfortingly reaction to support creativity, clear engagement and easiness in our interactions?  





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